An Athenian Inspiration: Michael Davenport, The Armless Artist

Athens, Ga is known for it’s local art whether that be in a studio or on the streets. One such artist is fairly well-known around the area. He is an Athens resident who lost both his arms in an electrical accident in 1979, Michael Davenport told his story on his website of when his life... Continue Reading →


Graffiti Wonderland: The Pulaski Tracks of Athens, Ga

Feeling the rush of wind as it pulls against your body, the rumble underneath your feet, and the deafening sound of the whistle of warning to those that may be in it’s way. A train passes overheard, shaking the rails above you, you glance around at the rocky floor and carved walls, vibrant local art... Continue Reading →

The Curse Of The UGA Arch

The University of Georgia (UGA) Arch, located at the main entrance to the college campus at College Avenue and Broad Street is a cast-iron representation of the Seal of the State of Georgia. The three pillars of the Arch stand for wisdom, justice, and moderation which is the current state motto of Georgia.  However, it... Continue Reading →

Athens’ History: The Tree That Owns Itself

How, one might ask, could a tree have ownership of anything, especially itself? Athens, Georgia is full of curious places and weird happenings, this story takes us back to the late 1800’s where the earliest telling of this tale is told titled “Deeded to Itself.”  An article published in the Weekly Banner newspaper which told... Continue Reading →

Will the Dawgs Triumph Over Alabama?

It's a new year and with it brings the 2018 National SEC Football Championships held in Atlanta, GA in the new Mercedes-Benz stadium. Last week, our own Georgia Bulldogs took on Oklahoma and overcame a 17-point deficit, later emerging Rose Bowl champions after a double overtime. Alabama easily destroyed  Clemson later that night in the... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of Athens, GA

If Saturdays in the Fall do not entice fear due to the traffic and closure of streets and exits, you haven’t live in Athens, GA for long. You know when the students come back the quiet streets of downtown will be alive and bustling with busy-bodies with a faint ringing in the background from freshman... Continue Reading →

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